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Throughout my life, I have always been asked “What are you doing?”. In my twenties, I would answer without hesitation and with pride “I am a sculptor.” But when I answered in the same way in my thirties, senior artists would often treat me like an inexperienced greenhorn. In reply, I started to organize all kinds of art projects and art exchanges through which I tried to reach out to society in ways that had not been tried before.
In my forties (which is quite recently), I attempted a new approach through which I tried to establish a relationship with society through my personal activities, rather than through the cooperation with other artists. I initiated projects and artwork that did not have a physical form, and I called these “social sculptures.” As a consequence, today, people seem even more tempted to ask “What are you doing?”

This web site is an attempt to show some of the work I have done during the last thirty years. The site is divided into the sections “Artwork,” “Projects,” and “Activities.” “Artwork” includes those works of art I have created and sometimes shown in exhibitions on an individual basis. “Projects” lists those activities I have organized or undertaken together with other individuals, or in group expositions. “Activities” covers work in other fields of action. The three sections sometimes slightly overlap.