I chose the name Kanun Gakusha ( School of the Floating Cloud) for my virtual school based on the expression kanun yakaku, which designates a scene with a wild crane leisurely and playfully strolling across a field under a blue sky with gently floating clouds. I chose this image of an idly strolling crane, and of clouds idly floating without restraint, because it so well represents the state of being I want to achieve.

The dignified elegance of a crane strolling across a field under a blue sky illustrates the energetic and courageous spirit of an independent mind.

Kanun Gakusha School is a place to which only those people can be admitted who have plenty of leisure time, who are ready to reflect on things and to learn things that aren’t of any use, and who know how to enjoy leisure in a high-quality way, just as clouds do.
Top-ranking professionals from various countries and fields will be the kanto (cloud people) or teachers. Lessons for the participants (kanunto or “disciples of the floating cloud”) are held as required.