Activities G English of onestone



A vodka toast with friends during our mission in Georgia.


In Abkhazia, right before our pullout to Sochi, Russia.


In Tskinvali, shortly before our top-secret evacuation.


Discussing the repair of the tuberculosis hospital ward with technicians of the local ironworks (Sukhumi, Abkhazia).


Farmers’ market in Sukhumi, Abkhazia.

After Georgia declared its independence from the Soviet Union, the region was left without underground resources, and its metal industry collapsed. Even in Tbisili, the capital, getting something as simple as a nail could be difficult. Many people had to sell their inherited jewelry and other family treasures to make a living. On the other hand, the region is blessed with agricultural products, especially fruit and nuts, and is renowned as a place where people live a long and healthy life.


This Georgian Russian- Orthodox church, very similar to Armenian Russian-Orthodox churches, may show Armenian influences from the time of the Silk Road. Russian-Orthodox churches dot the region’s hills much in the same way as temples of esoteric Buddhism dot the hills of Japan.
In times of misfortune, prayer sessions are held at the church, and a ritual is conducted in which a lamb is led around the church three times, and then sacrificed and eaten. After an accident in the mountains in which our jeep was overturned, we performed this ritual together with our local staff.


A corridor in the tuberculosis hospital ward.
Tuberculosis hospital rooms must be well aired, and should let in as much sunlight as possible. This helps to avoid infection by air, since the tubercle bacillus is vulnerable to dry air and light. Tuberculosis patients need daily antibiotics, a diet high in nutritional value, and rest.
Although the blueprint for our repair work was well done, the local common sense regarding construction methods was entirely different from what we expected. It was very difficult to finish the project.


French architect and member of our mission Marc in front of the rebuilt tuberculosis hospital ward. Our 2-month task had to be carried out under the constant threat of kidnapping by the Chechen mafia. When the situation became critical, we got an order from the headquarters to arrange a top-secret and immediate evacuation. In protest against this decision, Marc left the organization. It was a highly dangerous mission.