One Stone English of onestone

One Stone


Stone received from Mr. H. in Kurashiki, JAPAN (1985)

While in Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture) for a group exposition back in 1985, I received this stone from Mr. H., an artist who works with lacquer. He told me that this kind of stone could be found at the seaside in Tottori Prefecture. The stone reminds me of a sultry August afternoon spent during the exposition in Kurashiki at the Takahashi River.


Stone picked up at the Echizen Coast when driving from Tsuruga to Fukui to take pictures (1998)

The winter at the Echizen Coast on the Japan Sea is harsh. When I drove up the coast to take pictures, the waves were high, and the water splashed against my Suzuki Jimny. I parked the car and walked to a tiny bay enclosed by rocks. All the stones were washed round by the waves. This is a spot I like to come back to whenever I’m stuck in a project.